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Colombia: Gulf Clan Criminal Gang's 2nd Top Leader Killed

  • Military forces board Nelson Hurtado's body to a helicopter, Choco, Colombia, Feb. 7, 2021.

    Military forces board Nelson Hurtado's body to a helicopter, Choco, Colombia, Feb. 7, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @michaelcdeibert

Published 8 February 2021

Nelson Hurtado was linked to drug trafficking and crimes against social leaders and former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) combatants.

Colombia's Military Forces on Sunday killed the Gulf Clan criminal gang's second top leader and major drug trafficker Nelson Hurtado (aka Marihuano) during an operation in the Choco Department.


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The killing of Hurtado, who was the main confidant of the Clan's top leader, Dairo Usuga (aka Otoniel), "is one of the most decisive blows ever struck against this Organized Armed Group (GAO)," local outlets reported.

The operation took place in the Buenavista village, in the Riosucio municipality at Sunday midday. In the confrontation, a man and a woman who belonged to his inner circle were killed.

Investigations show that 'Marihuano' coordinated the shipment of about six tons of cocaine per month to Central America and Europe through clandestine routes. For this activity, he received over US$5 million monthly.

Hurtado had a 26-year criminal career and his current activities were based in Choco, Cordoba, and Antioquia Departments. He was linked to the killings against social leaders and former guerrilla combatants.

In 2008, he was imprisoned but he escaped from jail two years later. Since then, he has been wanted by national authorities and the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL).

Marihuano was accused of homicide, robbery with force, child abuse, kidnapping for extortion, and drug trafficking.

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