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Chile Rejects Proposal for a New Constitution

  • Jurors count the votes of the constitutional plebiscite today, at the Italian School of Valparaíso (Chile)

    Jurors count the votes of the constitutional plebiscite today, at the Italian School of Valparaíso (Chile) | Photo: EFE/Adriana Thomasa

Published 4 September 2022

With 72% percent of the polls counted in the constitutional referendum, the Chilean Electoral Service (Servel) indicated that 37.8 percent voted Approve, in favor of the constitutional proposal, and 62 percent voted Reject, a trend that already virtually marks the victory of the latter option.

Although the final results are yet to be known, the Servel detailed that in the 16 regions of Chile the Rejection option prevailed, including the Metropolitan Region, which houses Santiago, where many experts predicted a victory for the Approval option.

Thus, the text of 388 articles drafted by the Constitutional Convention during one year was discarded and it is expected that in the next few days the Executive, the Legislative Branch and the political parties will organize a new agreement that will allow continuing with the constituent process.

There is a political consensus, both on the left and on the right, that the constituent process should continue with a new Constitutional Convention, elected in its entirety by the citizens.


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18:00 Polls have now closed for the rest of Chile's territory: Vote counting is expected to begin shortly with quick results

17:00 Polls close in Chile's southernmost region of Magallanes. Rest of country's polls still open for another hour

16:00. The Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, thanks all those who are participating in the election process.

In terms of public order, he emphasized that there have been no events that have prevented citizens from voting.

In the Metropolitan Region, said Undersecretary Monsalve, there are 74% more public transport buses compared to those available for the second round of the presidential election.

"The President of the Republic has instructed us to set up an operational committee that is constituted and operating here in La Moneda. We are delivering a report every two hours and we hope that as of 6:00 p.m. the frequency will be increased to every hour", Monsalve explained.

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15:00. Current votes for "Approve" and "Reject" around the world:

Total Results France Approval: 2058 votes, 82% Rejection: 437 votes: 18%

Total Results Portugal Approval: 412 votes, 76% Rejection: 128 votes: 23%

Total Results United Kingdom Approval: 1237 votes, 56% Rejection: 957 votes: 43%

Total results Norway Approval: 248 votes, 81% Rejection: 56 votes: 18%

Total results Ireland Approval: 907 votes, 74% Rejection: 318 votes: 26%

Total results Italy Approve: 579 votes, 57% Reject: 423 votes: 42%

Total results Denmark Approval: 355 votes, 77% Rejection: 105 votes: 23%

Total results Austria Approve: 251 votes, 69% Reject: 112 votes: 31%

Total results Switzerland Approve: 850 votes, 69% Reject: 385 votes: 31%

Total results Germany Approval: 3,255 votes, 73.7% Rejection: 1,162 votes: 26.3%

Total results Belgium Approval: 787 votes, 81% Rejection: 174 votes: 18%

Total results Netherlands Approval: 536 votes, 74% Rejection: 188 votes: 26%

Total results Greece Approval: 28 votes, 51% Rejection: 27 votes: 49%

Total results Finland Approval: 149 votes, 70% Rejection: 64 votes: 30%

Large numbers of voters in Montreal, Canada, to vote in the Referendum
Chile's Foreign Ministry

12:25. "The world is watching us," says former student leader. Camilla Vallejo, the Minister General Secretariat of Government, gave her impression of the plebiscite's first hours: "The world is watching us and whatever the outcome, what we have achieved as a country is wonderful. We have managed to start this process and walk together a path that is historic."

12:00 am. The "I Approve" option is prevailing abroad. According to preliminary exit poll results, the "I Approve" option is winning among Chileans who vote abroad. That is the case, for example, in New Zealand where 75.8 percent of voters are in favor of the new Constitution. The same happens in South Korea (63.7 percent), Australia (66.8 percent), Japan (67.4 percent), and Malaysia (45.5 percent).

10:00 am: Crew of the film Blanquita supports the new Constitution. In a brief but very emotional act on Sunday, Director Fernando Guzzoni and the crew of the film "Blanquita" unfurled a flag in support of the new constitution as they walked down the red carpet to the film's premiere at the 79th Venice Film Festival, in Italy.

09:00 am: Over half a million foreigners vote in the Chilean referendum. Electoral authorities informed that 514,623 foreign voters are expected to vote on the Chilean constitutional plebiscite. This figure represents an increase of over 125,000 people compared to 2019, when social protests triggered the current constituent process.

Peruvians, Colombians, and Bolivians are the ones with the greatest presence in the vote. Compared to 2020, when the Constituent Assembly was prepared, the largest percentage increases correspond to Haitians, Colombians, Portuguese, Filipinos, and Hondurans.

08:00 a.m. Almost all the polling stations are operating. Chile's Electoral Service (SERVEL) informed that 99.75 percent of polling stations are already operational. Atacama, O'Higgins, Maule, Araucanía, Los Rios, and Magallanes were the first regions to have 100 percent of the polling stations in operation. The most delayed region was Coquimbo

The Constitutional prebiscite is carried out in 38,472 polling stations located throughout the country. Citizens will be able to cast their vote until 6:00 p.m. Since their participation is mandatory, people who do not vote will be fined about US$200.

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