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Chile: Polls Give Lead to Gabriel Boric in Presidential Runoff

  • Leftist Gabriel Boric currently leads all polls for the upcoming Chilean presidential run-off.

    Leftist Gabriel Boric currently leads all polls for the upcoming Chilean presidential run-off. | Photo: Twitter/@PopulismUpdates

Published 3 December 2021

Criteria and Pulso Ciudadano polls show that more voters will vote for the Apruebo Dignidad candidate.

Chilean pollster Criteria released Thursday that, according to its most recent opinion poll, 54 percent of the electorate will vote for center-left candidate Gabriel Boric (Apruebo Dignidad alliance) for the country's presidency, which he will contest against right-winger José Antonio Kast (Republican Party) in the second round on December 19.

The study revealed that if the elections were held on Sunday, December 5, 59 percent of women would lean towards Boric, who obtained 71 percent support among voters between 18 and 29 years old.


Chile: Gabriel Boric To Face Jose Antonio Kast on Dec 19 Runoff

Kast, on the other hand, attracted 46 percent of voters' intentions to become president. According to Criteria, he obtained 53 percent of support among men and 60 percent of voting intention among the population aged 60 and over.

The right-wing candidate obtained 55 percent support among the higher-income segment of the population, while Boric is ahead in the other segments.

When asked another question in the survey ("Who do you think will be the next president of Chile?"), both candidates tied with 40 percent, while the rest answered "don't know".

Days before, the results of another poll (Pulso Ciudadano) also gave as favorite Boric, who received 53.9 percent of voters' preference against Kast's 31.2 percent.

"In the total population with base 100, i.e., considering only those who declare preference, @gabrielboric has 54% of the preferences and @joseantoniokast 46%. #CriteriaSurvey"

This study showed that the presidential aspirant for Apruebo Dignidad captured votes from voters who had previously leaned towards other candidates.

According to Pulso Ciudadano, among those who say they will vote for Boric on December 19 there are 97.2 percent who already voted for him in the first round, as well as 86 percent of those who voted for Eduardo Artés (Unión Patriótica) and 52.3 percent for Yasna Provoste (Nuevo Pacto Social).

In addition, 46.1 percent of those who voted for Marco Enríquez-Ominami (Partido Progresista), 36.8 percent of those who voted for Franco Parisi (the third best voted in the first round, representative of Partido de la Gente), 15.3 percent of voters for Sebastián Sichel (Chile Podemos Más) and 3.2 percent of former Kast voters will support him.

As for voters who would support the ultra-conservative candidate, 90.1 percent who already voted for him in the first round, 42 percent voted for Sichel, 12.4 percent supported Parisi, 8.2 percent gave their support to Enríquez-Ominami, 4.9 percent voted before for Provoste and 0.3 percent sympathized with Boric.

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