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Canada’s Nova Scotia Ask For External Help Due to Ongoing Fires

  • Smoke from the ongoing Fires in Canada’s Nova Scotia. Jun. 1, 2023.

    Smoke from the ongoing Fires in Canada’s Nova Scotia. Jun. 1, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@Tim_Bousquet

Published 1 June 2023

"...we will take all the support we can get”

Authorities of Nova Scotia, Canada, have made a plea for external assistance in response to the ongoing and severe wildfires that have caused the displacement of over 16,000 people.


Nova Scotia in State of Emergency, Uncontrollable Wildfire

On Wednesday, the Premier of Nova Scotia, Tim Houston, communicated that his government had been offered support from other Canadian provinces, such as the provision of various water bombers; he also indicated that his administration had initiated communication with authorities situated in the northeastern region of the United States with the aim of soliciting additional resources.

Numerous firefighters have engaged in efforts to manage two large out-of-control blazes situated in proximity to the provincial capital of Halifax. According to recent reports, there are currently fourteen fires throughout the province, resulting in hazy skies and anxiety among residents.

“We are in a crisis in the province. And we want, and we need, and we will take all the support we can get,” Houston said during a news conference.

“Unprecedented resources are being used because these fires are unprecedented,” Houston stated.

On Wednesday, fire officials in Nova Scotia warned that low humidity and gusty winds could fuel the Tantallon Fire that continues to burn about 30 km (19 miles) west of Halifax.

As stated by official reports, the blaze has enlarged to approximately 837 hectares (2,068 acres), whilst it has been confirmed by the authorities that two additional blazes, in the areas of Barrington Lake and Pubnico, are also deemed to be unmanageable.

The Halifax Regional Municipality has reported that the ongoing fires have destroyed or damage over 200 structures, predominantly houses, and forced the evacuation of approximately 16,500 individuals; however, no casualties or injures have been reported.

“People are understandably tired, frustrated and frightened,” said Halifax Mayor Mike Savage.

Numerous specialists have identified climate change as a causal factor that has exacerbated severe weather occurrences, including wildfires, heatwaves, and tropical storms across the globe.

The provinces of Alberta and British Columbia situated in western Canada have encountered atypical heatwaves, giving rise to numerous uncontrolled wildfires, resulting in a significantly reduced production capacity of the oil and gas industry of the region. Nevertheless, the majority of such fires have been effectively mitigated.

According to official data, it is anticipated that the Halifax wildfires will lead to decreased air quality in certain areas of the U.S. East Coast and Midwest located hundreds of kilometers southwards due to the dispersion of smoke throughout the region.

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