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Nova Scotia in State of Emergency, Uncontrollable Wildfire

  • Uncontrollable Wildfire in Nova Scotia. May. 30, 2023.

    Uncontrollable Wildfire in Nova Scotia. May. 30, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@Vastuullisuus

Published 30 May 2023

"...no reports of missing individuals or injuries had been received..."

On Monday, Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s eastern provinces, officially declared a state of emergency in response to an uncontrollable wildfire in the metropolitan area. Residents have had to evacuate and schools have close temporarily.


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The Halifax Regional Municipality has established provisional lodging for individuals seeking refuge from the fire and issued a notice to its residents in the early hours of Monday, emphasizing that the evacuation instructions are mandatory.

According to authorities, the wildfire, fueled by strong winds and extremely arid forests, has caused significant harm to numerous residences and impeded the efforts of emergency response personnel.

On Monday, Dave Meldrum, the Deputy Chief of Halifax Fire, communicated to the press that, notwithstanding damage or destruction to structures, no reports of missing individuals or injuries had been received.

“Our firefighters and other partners worked hard to evacuate a large area of our city yesterday, and last night, we remained on scene,” Meldrum said.

 “We had 100 firefighters here on scene overnight, fighting spot fires, extinguishing structures that were on fire, preventing more structures from being lost wherever we could,” he said.

The Halifax municipality has stated, “there is not yet a complete count of damage, but it is anticipated that several structures have been lost.”

Tim Houston, Nova Scotia’s Premier, said water bombers had arrived from the eastern provinces of New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador to help local crews.Final del formulario “We are in contact with our municipal and federal partners to ensure every resource is exhausted,” Houston wrote on Twitter.

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, said his government was “ready to provide any federal support and assistance needed”. “The wildfire situation in Nova Scotia is incredibly serious,” Trudeau tweeted.

“We’re keeping everyone affected in our thoughts, and we’re thanking those who are working hard to keep people safe,” Trudeau said.

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