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CITGO Medical Aid Funds Used for Terrorist Plans in Venezuela

  • Citgo Petroleum Corporation offices in the United States, 2020.

    Citgo Petroleum Corporation offices in the United States, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @VzlaTransparen1

Published 30 October 2020

The Simon Bolivar Foundation was used as a front for sending money to right-wing politicians.

The candidate for the National Assembly Jorge Rodriguez denounced that the financial resources of the Citgo Petroleum Corporation (CITGO), which the Simon Bolivar Foundation (SBF) supposedly managed for medical aid, were used to finance terrorist plans in Venezuela.


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“A video has fallen into my hands in which journalist Roland Carreño voluntarily confessed what he was actually doing with SBF resources,” Rodriguez said on Friday.

Carreño, who is a member of the board of Voluntad Popular party, was recently captured with a firearm and US$12,000, which he got through a foundation created to provide medical aid to chronic patients.

A document was also found on his cell phone describing how the CITGO-controlled charity distributed funds to different opposition parties.

“Their main intention is to appropriate the Republic's assets and finance mercenary camps for the attacks. All this is an operation to steal money,” Rodriguez stressed and explained that some opposition leaders try to maintain a facade to continue the theft of millions of dollars that belong to their country.

"Carreño capture demonstrated how the country's monetary funds are used to plan attacks against revolutionary leaders and the People."

In the video, Carreño can be seen referring to alleged contacts with the opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez for the delivery of cash from CITGO's foundation.

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