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Venezuela Prioritizes Social Investment in 2021 Budget

  • Delcy Rodriguez, Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

    Delcy Rodriguez, Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela | Photo: Radio Rebelde

Published 29 October 2020

Venezuela's government will allocate 76.4 percent of the State budget for 2021 to social investment, Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez reported on Thursday.

Venezuela's Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodriguez, has presented the 2021 budget and annual operating plan to the National Constituent Assembly, which prioritizes social protection programs despite the U.S. coercive policies' which profoundly affect the Venezuelan economy.


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The vice president detailed some of the areas prioritized, such as education, culture, sports, and public services, and a rise in the investments in the communal sector of 20%.

Rodriguez also remarked that the Bolivarian revolution had increased social expenditures by 35 percentage points since its inception in 1999. The percentage in the current 2021 budget allocated for social programs amounts to 76.4% since this “budget is aimed at defending our model equity, justice, and social equality,” she said.

Among the goals contemplated for 2021, he said, is that of "raising to the maximum the levels of protection" of the citizens, a task they hope to achieve with a "substantial increase" in the health sector, as well as in science, technology, and university education. However, he did not specify amounts for any sector.


Vice President Delcy Rodriguez presented the budget of the Nation 2021 as established by the Constitution before the sovereign National Constituent Assembly, presided over by 

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