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Brazilian Right-Wing Parties Join Protests Against Bolsonaro

  • Citizens protest against President Jair Bolsonaro, Brasilia, Brazil, Sept. 12, 2021.

    Citizens protest against President Jair Bolsonaro, Brasilia, Brazil, Sept. 12, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 13 September 2021

Regretful for having supported Jair Bolsonaro, Free Brazil Movement and "Take to the Streets" are now calling for the opening of an impeachment against him.

The dismissal of Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro became the main flag of the protests held this Sunday in various cities, just five days after the massive mobilization of anti-democratic dyes led by the far-right politician.


Bolsonaro Retracts Attacks on Brazilian Supreme Court

The march held was called by the center and right movements that in 2016 mobilized millions of people throughout Brazil to press for the opening of a political trial with a view to the removal of then-president Dilma Rousseff, from the progressive Workers Party (PT).

Five years later, the promoters of the protest - the Free Brazil Movement (MBL) and Vem Pra Rua - are now calling for the opening of an impeachment against Bolsonaro, who in recent months has encouraged an institutional crisis.

The decision to begin an impeachment process belongs to Lower House President Arthur Lira, a Bolsonaro ally who has obstructed dozens of impeachment requests sent to Congress over the years.

However, the pressure for impeachment increased after Sept. 7, when the Brazilian president led far-right rallies in which his followers clamored for a military dictatorship and the dissolution of Congress and the Supreme Court.

Bolsonaro himself urged to disobey the decisions of the Supreme Court Justices in the name of "freedom." This call to disrespect the other branches unleashed the weekend mobilizations against him.

"Whoever is a democrat in Brazil has to understand that 'impeachment' is the only way out to protect us from the serious and violent rupture Bolsonaro is planning," Democratic Labor Party’s former presidential candidate Ciro Gomes said and advocated the "unity" of all democratic forces against the far-right president.

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