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Bolsonaro Retracts Attacks on Brazilian Supreme Court

  • Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro, 2021.

    Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @folha

Published 10 September 2021

Harshly criticized by public opinion, the far-right President momentarily changed his tactics and now vows that he "respects the institutions of the Republic."

Two days after attacking the Supreme Court and threatening a coup, Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro issued a statement on Thursday saying that he had no intention of attacking the other branches of the state.


Bolsonaro: “Coup Pusher” Increasingly Isolated in Brazil

“I never intended to attack any of the branches. Harmony between the powers of the state is not a matter of my will but a constitutional mandate that everyone must respect without exception," Bolsonaro said.

"His sudden change of tone from him displeased his sympathizers and was praised by the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber, but it was viewed with skepticism by the magistrates," Folha de Sao Paulo commented.

"Hours later, through his weekly live newscast, Bolsonaro tried to justify himself to his supporters by saying that there was 'nothing great' in his statement. He again questioned the electronic voting machines and mocked the Supreme Court and the president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal," it added.

In recent weeks, the far-right politician used verbal attacks on the Supreme Court as a strategy to summon his supporters to a demonstration in Brasilia on Independence Day. (Sept. 7).

More specifically, he has been systematically attacking Judges Alexandre de Moraes and Luis Barroso, who are involved in investigations against him. Yesterday, however, Bolsonaro said that his words were always aimed at the "common good," although at times they were "scathing" due to the "heat of the moment."

Harshly criticized by public opinion and with little prospect of re-election, Bolsonaro momentarily changed his tactics and now vows that he "respects the institutions of the Republic, the engines that help govern the country."

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