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Brazil TSE Calls for No Political Violence in Elections

  • The President of the TSF vows to take action against political violence in Brazil. Jul. 27, 2022.

    The President of the TSF vows to take action against political violence in Brazil. Jul. 27, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@TSEjusbr

Published 27 July 2022

According to the President of the Supreme Electoral Court of Brazil, measures will be taken to avoid political violence in elections.

Edson Fachin, the President of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), said that in light of the upcoming Brazilian presidential election, justice would be applied uncompromisingly if violence is used as a political weapon in the polls.

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“We will not tolerate electoral violence, a subtype of political violence. The Electoral Justice will not measure efforts to act in order to stop the violence as a political weapon and face disinformation as a practice of chaos,” said the TSE President during a meeting with the Prerrogativas group.

This organization, made mainly of lawyers but also artists, professors, and jurists, has convened over 100 other groups collaborating to support Electoral Justice.

Despite the attacks on electronic ballot boxes and the Brazilian electoral system carried out by the far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian official said that “the TSE is not alone, because society does not tolerate electoral denialism.”

TSE receives support from the Prerogatives group in the fight against disinformation and political violence. Minister Edson Fachin met this Tuesday (26/7) with members of the movement, formed by people from various areas of law.

Fachin considers that “the attack on the electronic ballot boxes as a pretext for wielding anger will not mislead the country. 90 years ago, we created the Electoral Justice so that it would conduct honest elections and Brazil trusts in its Justice.”

The TSE President reiterated that the court would adopt severe measures in the face of political violence. “Tied to the Constitution and institutionality, like Homer’s Ulysses, the Electoral Justice is not fascinated by the mermaid song of authoritarianism; it does not shudder at threats and intimidations,” he said.

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