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Brazil: Bolsonaro Spreads Misinformation About Voting System

  • President Bolsonaro was involved in spreading disinformation about Brazil's electoral process.

    President Bolsonaro was involved in spreading disinformation about Brazil's electoral process. | Photo: Twitter/@waltshaub

Published 17 December 2021

According to a police report, President Jair Bolsonaro, was involved in spreading misinformation about the country's voting system.

A police document revealed that President Bolsonaro was involved in spreading disinformation about Brazilian electoral process on social media.


Poll Affirms Lula Would Win in First Round of Brazil Elections

The document written by the Federal police commissioner Denisse Ribeiro stated that Bolsonaro's live stream on social media had a clear purpose of giving false information about the integrity of the country’s elections.

Making use of a well-known playbook, in previous months Bolsonaro said that the electronic ballots were manipulated for the presidential elections in 2018, which he won. According to his statements, he should have been elected in the first round of the elections, even though there was no evidence of fraud.

Bolsonaro casts doubt on next year's electronic voting system for the 2022 presidential elections, suggesting he might not accept the results, unless it changes to one that includes printed receipts in order to recount the votes.

"The Folha de S.Paulo newspaper released a new Datafolha survey on the assessment of President Jair Bolsonaro. The disapproval of the highest level of the government remained. The margin of error is two points, plus or minus."

A poll published by Datafolha on Thursday, indicated that Bolsonaro would received 22 percent of the votes while former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva would earn 48 percent, according to the data collection enterprise.

In Ribeiro's report, it was revealed that Bolsonaro questioned the actions of a series of public workers involved in the electoral process.

“This investigation allowed us to identify that His Excellency President Jair Messias Bolsonaro had a direct and relevant action in promoting disinformation, following a pattern already used by other countries’ governments,” Datafolha stated.

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