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Both Candidates Seek to Avoid a Hostile Business Environment

  • Image inviting citizens to vote, U.S., 2020.

    Image inviting citizens to vote, U.S., 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @MaguireEthics

Published 2 November 2020

Joe Biden agrees with the Republican candidate on every major issue that concerns billionaires.

Forbes has breathlessly reported all year on the race for billionaire donors to the two major presidential campaigns. The breakdown paints a very clear picture: Capitalism prefers Joe Biden.


Biden Leads Trump by 10 Points in Final Poll

Biden agrees with Donald Trump on every major issue that concerns billionaires: he won’t take necessary measures to protect workers, tackle student debt, ban fracking, or stem the existential threat of climate change.

Biden has fully committed to guaranteeing that insurance companies, which profit from sickness and death, thrive during the pandemic. Similarly, under Biden the asylum industry will continue to flourish in the form of private migrant prisons, ICE Air deportation flights, and border security programs that profit from destroying lives and communities.

Instead of heeding calls to defund or abolish racist police forces, Biden has pledged to strengthen the militarized security state in the interest of preventing something he, like Trump, calls “anarchy.” What both candidates really mean by anarchy is the threat of a hostile business environment.

Biden’s foreign policy is more coherently guided by the interests of capital than Trump’s, and it also matters to billionaires that Trump has turned the U.S. into an international pariah. Being a pariah is bad for business.

Many liberals are gearing up for a so-called “coup” scenario in which Biden wins the election and Trump refuses to cede. While this is a possibility, it should be the least of our worries right now. Billionaires want Biden. If he wins, they’ll back him, and Trump will have to go.

But with low voter enthusiasm for Biden and increasingly violent voter repression, which has ramped up in recent days to include a chemical weapons attack by police on a get-out-the-vote rally in North Carolina and a Biden campaign bus being nearly run off the road in Texas, Trump could actually win. Either way, capitalism wins.

And with Trump supporters better armed and more emboldened than ever, so will domestic terrorism.

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