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Bolsonaro's Supporter Tries to Detonate Bomb in Brasilia

  • Bomb squad near the international airport of Brasilia, Brazil, Dec. 24, 2022.

    Bomb squad near the international airport of Brasilia, Brazil, Dec. 24, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @MundoEConflicto

Published 26 December 2022

The 54-year-old businessman confessed that his intention was to create chaos to prevent the inauguration of Lula da Silva.

On Sunday, Brazil's future Justice Minister Flavio Dino announced that security procedures for the inauguration of president-elect Lula da Silva will be strengthened on January 1 due to the possibility of attacks carried out by far-right militants.


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“All procedures will be re-evaluated to strengthen security. The fight against terrorists and rioters will be intensified. Democracy has won and will win,” he said.

These statements come after a terrorist attack occurred on Saturday, when George Washington de Oliveira Sousa, a businessman who supports outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro, tried to detonate an explosive device in Brasilia.

During interrogations with the Federal District Civil Police, this man admitted that his objective was to cause chaos to prevent Lula da Silva's inauguration. The 54-year-old businessman lives in the state of Para. Since Nov. 12, however, he has been camping out in front of the Army headquarters in Brasilia, from where Bolsonaristas demand the Army to stage a coup d'état.

De Oliveira Sousa confessed that the attack was planned jointly with other campers who do not recognize the victory of Lula da Silva in the second round of elections.

The tweet reads, "This is the face of the Bolsonaro terrorist who tried to blow up a bomb in Brasilia a week before Lula's inauguration. George Washington Oliveira Sousa is 54 years old, comes from Para, and is a supporter of Bolsonaro. This arsenal was found in the house where he was hiding."

"I drew up a plan with other protesters to provoke the intervention of the Armed Forces and the declaration of a state of siege to prevent the establishment of communism in Brazil," he said according to statements published by local outlets.

De Oliveira Sousa built an explosive device and placed it in a fuel tanker truck. On Saturday, however, the police detected the vehicle before it reached the international airport of Brasilia.

"What motivated me to acquire the weapons were the words of President Bolsonaro who always stresses the importance of civilian weapons," the far-right businessmen said.

"Saturday's serious events in Brasilia prove that the so-called 'Patriotic Camps' have become incubators for terrorists," Dino said, adding that the purchase of weapons that Bolsonaro has promoted among civilians causes "other degenerations. Overcoming it is a priority".


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