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Bolsonaro Sends Fake News and Hate Messages through WhatsApp

  • President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil.

    President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil. | Photo: Twitter/ @caioblinder

Published 1 October 2021

"Young people are dying from cardiac arrest," the Brazilian president said with reference to COVID-19 vaccines.

Over the last week, Brazil’s President spread false news about the COVID-19 vaccines, praised the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, made homophobic jokes, and attacked former President Lula da Silva through WhatsApp messages.


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"Risks. It is necessary to investigate! Young people are dying from cardiac arrest," he said with reference to COVID-19 immunization. In another message, Bolsonaro released a video praising Pinochet and hinted that Brazil will face a "worrying fate" if the Workers Party (PT) returns to power.

"When Chileans see what communism is; when they understand the tricks and deception, they will realize that this government is right," says Pinochet in the video, which includes images of recent protests in Chile.

Seconds later, Pinochet reappears saying, "This was never a dictatorship, gentlemen. This is a soft dictatorship ("Dictablanda"). If necessary, however, we will have to tighten our hands because we must save the country first. Then, we will look back."

On Monday, the Brazilian president made ironic taunts when he shared images showing the LGBTI community protesting. The day before, Bolsonaro sent a video in which the musician Rogerio Skylab says he had homosexual relations without considering himself gay.

"I have already done it three times, but I am heterosexual," said the artist and Bolsonaro completes the sentence by saying: "Up to three times, you can."

On Wednesday, the far-right President sent his contacts a video with the inscription: "Lula has been corrupted to lie to the world saying that China is an example."

Through edited images, the video shows the PT leader affirming that the Asian giant is "an example of development for the world" and, simultaneously, it presents dead dogs that are sold as food and a child beaten by his supposed teacher.

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