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Bolivia's Ex-Minister Lizarraga Seeks Asylum in the US

  • Bolivia's former Communication Minister Roxana Lizarraga.

    Bolivia's former Communication Minister Roxana Lizarraga. | Photo: Twitter/ @BoliviaNews1

Published 7 June 2021

She was part of the U.S.-backed "interim" regime that emerged from a coup d'etat against Socialist President Evo Morales in 2019. 

On Sunday, former Communication Minister Roxana Lizarraga began procedures for political asylum in the U.S., a country to which she migrated after the apprehension of Jeanine Añez, the leader of the coup-born regime (2019-2020).


Bolivia: Ex-Minister Karen Longaric To Testify on Tear Gas Case

Previously, the Bolivian Public Ministry summoned her to testify in the investigations related to the irregular purchase of tear gases.

In a radio interview, Lizarraga spoke about former Interior Minister Arturo Murillo, who was recently detained in the U.S. and is also required in Bolivia.

“Murillo boasted of having a lot of political experience and I had several frictions with him since he was reluctant to comply with the rules," Lizarraga said, adding that "he wanted to skip the rules and change many things by Decree."

Since she was arrested a couple of weeks ago in Florida, Lizarraga has been willing to testify against Murillo. Nevertheless, she acknowledged that she has no concrete evidence about his involvement in corruption cases.

Besides being accused of money laundering, Murillo would have received bribes from a U.S. company, according to Bolivian authorities.

In declarations to U.S. television, Attorney General Gonzalo Chavez on Monday announced that he will also file a civil lawsuit against former Minister Murillo.

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