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Bolivians Rejects The 'Civic Strike' Against President Arce

  • Current situation in Sucre, Bolivia, Oct. 11, 2021

    Current situation in Sucre, Bolivia, Oct. 11, 2021 | Photo: Twitter/ @Canal_BoliviaTV

Published 11 October 2021

"The so-called Civic Strike does not exist. There is just a desire to destabilize us," said the Secretary of Cultures of the Bolivian Workers' Central (COB) Gustavo Arce.

On Monday, daily activities proceed normally in Bolivian cities. The population ignored the call made by opposition organizations to carry out a "Civic Strike" against President Luis Arce.


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The Vice Minister of Internal Affairs Nelson Cox informed that there are no blockade points in La Paz and Cochabamba, and the Bolivian Police are guarding the streets to guarantee citizen security. A similar situation exists in Santa Cruz, where there are a few identified blockade points, but the main roads are accessible.

The Vice Minister of Citizen Security Roberto Rios affirmed that the government will ensure that there are no episodes of violence throughout the country and that Bolivians can carry out their activities peacefully. In La Paz, El Alto, Cochabamba, Sucre, Oruro, Beni, Pando, and Tarija, citizens are working as usual, and there are no problems with businesses and transportation currently.

"The so-called civic strike does not exist; there is just a desire to destabilize us... We want Bolivia to achieve once again the economic position it had obtained before the 2019 coup,” said the Secretary of Cultures of the Bolivian Workers' Central (COB) Gustavo Arce.

“We received information from all over the country. The climate of conflict that some media tried to report is not real... This government is implementing public policies. The opposition, however, has no proposals,” Justice Minister Ivan Lima said.

This strike was promoted a week ago by the main actors of the 2019 coup such as the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee (CCPSC), Luis Fernando Camacho, and Carlos Mesa. Over than 40 social organizations and two universities publicly rejected the Civil Strike.

"The economic elites do not want an economic recovery... The best way to destabilize a democratic government is to affect the economy," stated the Economy Minister Marcelo Montenegro.

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