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Bolivia: Prosecutor’s Office Closes The Electoral Fraud Case

  • Woman waving A Bolivian flag.

    Woman waving A Bolivian flag. | Photo: Twitter/ @NewsNoticias_

Published 14 October 2021

This judicial process arose as a result of the actions deployed by the Organization of American States, which argued that Evo Morales had not won the 2019 Presidential elections.

On Wednesday, the Bolivian Prosecutor's Office definitively closed the case concerning the alleged "electoral fraud" in the 2019 elections won by former President Evo Morales.


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La Paz Department prosecutor William Alave ratified the dismissal of the charges against five former members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. Maria Choque, Antonio Costas, Edgar Gonzales, Lucy Cruz, and Ildefonso Mamani were accused of committing crimes such as document forgery, use of forged documents, computer manipulation, and alteration and concealment of electoral results.

"I order the conclusion of the proceedings against the defendants mentioned above, the termination of the precautionary measures that had been imposed on them, and the cancellation of their criminal records," Alave wrote in his resolution.

Mamani said that the ratification of the dismissal of the case proves that no crime occurred in the 2019 elections and that the whole proceeding has been a political persecution. The transparency of the elections was also ratified by international observers, researchers, and technicians.

The Electoral Fraud case began in Nov. 2019, after an electoral audit carried out by the Organization of American States (OAS). Without presenting evidence, this institution affirmed that the presidential election was "fraudulently manipulated" and requested to invalidate the results issued by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

The OAS played a key role in supporting the coup d'etat led by Jeanine Añez, who is currently accused of sedition, terrorism, conspiracy, and genocide. For this reason, she has been in preventive detention since March 2021.

Bolivia held presidential elections in October 2020. The Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) candidate Luis Arce won election in the first round with over 55 percent of the votes.

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