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Bolivia: Police Arrest Santa Cruz Governor

  • Governor of Santa Cruz Luis Fernando Camacho. Dec. 28, 2022.

    Governor of Santa Cruz Luis Fernando Camacho. Dec. 28, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@uharteko

Published 28 December 2022

Luis Fernando Camacho is accused of promoting the 36-day strike that took place in Santa Cruz last November and involved violence and human rights violations.

The Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, announced on Wednesday the execution of the arrest warrant issued by the Departmental Prosecutor's Office of La Paz against the governor of Santa Cruz.

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Castillo said through his official Twitter account: "We inform the Bolivian people that the Bolivian Police complied with the arrest warrant against Mr. Luis Fernando Camacho."

The charges against the Santa Cruz authority are filed in the capital, La Paz, where Camacho was transferred after being arrested in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. 

The arrest, which involved a surprise police operation, was carried out when the official was on board a vehicle at the door of his home.

FreddyteleSUR: The Attorney General's Office informed that Governor Luis Fernando Camacho was apprehended by order of the Prosecutor's Office of La Paz, in the "Coup d'Etat I" case. The arrest warrant was issued in October of this year.

Camacho, also head of the Creemos opposition alliance, is being charged in connection with the 36-day strike in Santa Cruz to demand a Population and Housing Census.

The official has refused to submit a report to the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) on the strike, which caused losses in excess of 1.2 billion dollars and a series of human rights violations. 

According to national congresswoman Estefanía Morales, the governor thus violates the Framework Law of Autonomies, which in Article 135 establishes the obligation of all authorities of the Autonomous Governments "to appear personally to provide the information requested by the Legislative Assembly."

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