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Bolivia: Pro-Coup Groups Set Fire to Buildings in Santa Cruz

  • Violent groups around the

    Violent groups around the "Christ the Redeemer" square, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Dec. . | Photo: Twitter/ @JOTACE7777

Published 2 January 2023

Over the weekend, far-right paramilitaries seized, looted, and burned central government offices.

On Sunday, the Cruceñista Youth Union (UJC) and other groups supporting Governor Luis Fernando Camacho set fire to one of the branches of the state-owned Banco Union, the offices of the Police Command, and other public buildings in Santa Cruz.


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Citizens filed complaints with the Bolivian authorities pointing out that far-right paramilitaries seized, looted, and burned central government offices such as the Prosecutor's Office, and National Taxes.

"The irregular groups, which attempted against democracy and attacked the police and public institutions, used Molotov cocktails," Interior Minister Eduardo Del Castillo said and announced the existence of two injured officers.

On Sunday, 22 people were captured and sent to jail for acts of violence generated at the facilities of the Prosecutor's Office, the Police Command and the house of a national authority.

“We repudiate violence. We hope that the full weight of the law falls on these criminals who are destroying many state assets. It is incredible that we hurt ourselves,” said Omar Rivera, the president of the Federation of Neighborhood Councils of Santa Cruz.

During the public hearings, 11 of the people apprehended accepted their guilt and decided to take advantage of an abbreviated trial for crimes such as criminal association, public incitement to commit crimes, arson, and aggravated robbery.

Over the last week, the right-wing groups have been performing violent acts to demand the release of Governor Camacho, who is currently imprisoned in La Paz city.

Due to a court order issued in October 2022, he is being investigated for events related to the "Coup I" case, which refers to the 2019 U.S.-backed coup against President Evo Morales.

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