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Argentine Workers Reject Massive Layoffs in the Public Sector

  • Police prevent access to public buildings in Argentina, April 3, 2024.

    Police prevent access to public buildings in Argentina, April 3, 2024. | Photo: X/ @DiarioCoLatino

Published 3 April 2024

President Milei's adjustment plan involves eliminating 70,000 public employees in the short term.

On Wednesday, thousands of former public employees and workers mobilized in Buenos Aires and other Argentine cities to reject the massive layoffs ordered by President Javier Milei.


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Members of the State Workers Association (ATE) attempted to enter the Labor Ministry headquarters and other buildings to carry out peaceful takeovers, but they found them guarded by security forces determined to block their passage.

However, citizens did manage to enter the headquarters of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Racism (INADI), which will disappear according to an announcement made by the Milei administration weeks ago.

"That's very serious. Public buildings are full of police. The government doesn't have money to buy food or medicine, but it has money to repress," ATE Secretary Rodolfo Aguiar denounced.

The presence of security forces in public facilities was interpreted by the demonstrators as an attempt to intimidate and humiliate them. This happened after thousands of workers were dismissed during the Easter holiday without being notified.

"Workers cannot seize something they no longer have," Security Minister Patricia Bullrich said, referring to the repressive measures implemented in federal buildings.

In the coming weeks, unemployment will notably increase in Argentina as Milei's adjustment plan involves eliminating around 70,000 public employees in the short term.

Currently, the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) is considering whether to call for a large federal march or a general strike for May 1st, International Workers' Day.

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