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Argentine: President Milei Closes Agency Against Discrimination

  • The banner reads,

    The banner reads, "INADI is democracy." | Photo: X/ @CarasyCaretasuy

Published 23 February 2024

His administration is ready to dismantle public institutes that "are useless or are large political boxes or are simply places to generate militant employment."

On Thursday, President Javier Milei's administration announced it was closing the the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI), saying that such public agencies served "no purpose."


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The president's office had started the process of closing down the INADI, presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni said at a press conference.

The measure was a campaign promise of President Javier Milei and part of a comprehensive policy of "dismantling different institutes" that do not generate a benefit for Argentines, said Adorni.

"We are taking the first steps towards dismantling different institutes that are useless or are large political boxes or are simply places to generate militant employment," he said.

"There are countless institutes that President Milei is determined to close or dismantle... our priority was to shrink the government" to reduce public spending and lower taxes, he said.

Since 1995, INADI had been working to combat all forms of discrimination, xenophobia and racism, promoting federal and transversal public policies in coordination with civil society to achieve a diverse and egalitarian society.

"The INADI closure is a step backwards in the fight against discrimination and racism in Argentina, and its repercussions will be deeply felt in society. It is essential that this decision be reevaluated and alternatives be sought to strengthen the protection of human rights in the country," outlet Caras & Caretas commented.

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