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Argentine Health Workers Go on Strike

  • An Argentine health worker, 2024.

    An Argentine health worker, 2024. | Photo: X/ @UltimominutoTW

Published 22 February 2024 (17 minutes ago)

Nevertheless, they will maintain minimum coverage, with a primary focus on emergencies.

On Thursday, the Federation of Associations of Argentine Health Workers (FATSA) is carrying out a 24-hour strike to demand salary improvements amid an inflationary process fueled by President Javier Milei's adjustment policies.


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They demand a recovery of their purchasing power given that the annual inflation in December 2023 was 211.4 percent and the monthly inflation in January reached 20.6 percent.

Strikes and mobilizations by various unions and sectors have been constant since the far-right politician Milei took office on December 10th. This strike comes the day after a 24-hour strike by train drivers, which left over a million people without transportation.

On Jan. 24, Argentina also experienced a national strike called by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), which is considering the possibility of another strike in the short term.

FATSA Secretary Hector Daer recalled that the Milei administration continues to aim at deregulating the labor market to favor the interests of employers. He said that health workers are not willing to tolerate companies seeking to solve their crisis by reducing salaries.

On this regard, local outlet TELAM reported that prepaid health companies continue to increase the price of rates to clients and at the same time continue to freeze salaries.

On Thursday, the strike will affect clinics, sanatoriums, hospitals, mutual institutions, diagnostic and clinical analysis institutes, medical offices, psychiatric clinics, nursing homes, emergency centers, and home care. Nevertheless, Argentine health workers will maintain minimum coverage, with a primary focus on emergencies.


Hector Daer
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