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Argentina to Investigate 'Operative Puma' against Venezuela

  • Commander for U.S. Southern Command, Navy Adm. Craig S. Fuller (front), 2020.

    Commander for U.S. Southern Command, Navy Adm. Craig S. Fuller (front), 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @IranIntl_En

Published 18 February 2022

In 2019, the then President Mauricio Macri aligned Argentina with Washington's intentions to promote a regime change in Venezuela.

On Thursday, Argentina's Defense Minister Jorge Taiana and Venezuela's Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino held a telephone conversation about "Operation Puma," a military action through which President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) involved his country in an invasion of Venezuela designed from Washington.


President Maduro Asks to Investigate Macri's Invasion Plot

Previously, Taiana announced that the government of President Alberto Fernandez will conduct an investigation to clarify the scope of the involvement of the Argentine Armed Forces in the U.S. strategy against Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro.

The Argentine minister acknowledged he was not surprised given that Macri involved his country in the Lima Group, an organization that brought together right-wing Latin American governments that aligned with Washington and its intentions to promote a regime change in Venezuela.

“I have requested an exhaustive and detailed report of all the actions related to exercise called 'Puma', verifying if it complied with current regulations, the Intelligence, Defense, Internal Security Law, as well as the nature and objectives of the exercise,” said Taiana.

On Sunday, Argentine outlet El Cohete published documents showing that the United States Southern Command (USA) coordinated military exercises with Macri to prepare Argentine military forces to participate in an invasion of Venezuela in 2019, a possibility that would have been justified on pretext of a "humanitarian cause."

At that time, Admiral Craig Fuller, head of the Southern Command, visited Buenos Aires and warned the cadets of the Joint War College of the Armed Forces about the supposed threat that Venezuela represented. To camouflage its true intentions, Operation Puma names South America as “Southern Patagonia” and Venezuela as “Vulcano”.

Nevertheless, the map used for the military drills was the map of Venezuela and the opposing sides were NM and JG, which correspond to the initials of President Nicolas Maduro and then Senator Juan Guaido, who proclaimed himself president of Venezuela with the support of Washington. These military exercises were carried out between April and June 2019.

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