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Argentina To Give Bolivia One Million AstraZeneca Vaccine Doses

  • Bolivia will receive donation of one million of AstraZeneca vaccines from Argentina. Dec. 17, 2021.

    Bolivia will receive donation of one million of AstraZeneca vaccines from Argentina. Dec. 17, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/@anadoluagency

Published 17 December 2021

The Minister of Health and Sports of Bolivia, Jeyson Auza, announced this Friday that the country will receive a donation of one million AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines from Argentina.

This Friday Jeyson Auza, Bolivia's Minister of Health and Sports, announced that the country will receive from Argentina a donation of one million AstraZeneca vaccines against COVID-19, which will be delivered by his counterpart Carla Vizzotti.


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On her trip to Bolivia to review and deepen the common strategies to confront the pandemic, prevent the spread of emergent variants, and strengthen the points in common between the health programs of both nations, the Argentinean Minister of Health Vizzotti will deliver the donation of vaccines.

Auza emphasized that most of the vaccines arriving in the country will be used to reinforce the doses in the population over 18 years of age, mainly people who completed their cycle between January and July. The shipment is expected to arrive on December 20.

"It has been a great effort of the national government to get the vaccines for 100 percent of our vaccine-eligible population, having expanded immunization to children under 18 years of age is hard work, which we developed jointly with all subnational governments and President Luis Arce at the head," said the official.

"In coordination with the departmental and municipal governments, we signed an agreement of 4 axes and 27 points, which will help us to strengthen the strategies to face the possible negative aspects of the fourth wave of COVID-19 "

As part of the Executive's boost to the Bolivian vaccination campaign, in the last week more than 55,000 children over five years of age were inoculated.

"This donation increases and strengthens the historical ties of solidarity and brotherhood that have characterized the relations between both States" explained the Argentine Foreign Ministry statement.

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