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Argentina To Develop Cooperation With Russia

  • Conversations between Russia and Argentina. Feb. 3, 2022.

    Conversations between Russia and Argentina. Feb. 3, 2022. | Photo: @AndyVermaut

Published 3 February 2022

President Alberto Fernandez noted Argentina's urgent need to free itself from relying on the U.S. and open cooperation links with Russia.

The President marked the challenging context Argentina is facing, economically speaking, because of a severe external debt crisis. To a large degree, A crisis originated due to Argentina's orientation towards the U.S. since the 1990s.      


Argentine President Travels to Russia, China and Barbados

The dependence on Washington has only increased Argentine debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said the President.

In conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Fernandez stressed his will to develop cooperation with Russia to eliminate such dependence on the IMF and the United States.   

The number of opportunities that cooperation with Latin American countries represents for Russia was highlighted by the Argentine President.

He also expressed that Argentina could be an entry point for Russia to cooperate with Latin American countries.  

He considers that both countries have a significant reserve for strengthening cooperation in multiple areas.

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