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Argentina: Javier Milei Assumes As New President

  • Argentina: Javier Milei Assumes As New President
Published 10 December 2023

The far-right economist begins his four-year term at the Casa Rosada on Sunday.

This Sunday, at the 40th anniversary of unbroken democracy in Argentina, The ultra-right winger Javier Milei was sworn in as president of Argentina at a ceremony held at the Congress headquarters in the capital, Buenos Aires.


Donald Trump To Meet With Javier Milei

The oath was taken by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Alberto Fernández was in charge of giving him the presidential band and staff. " Long live freedom, dammit," was the pep talk he wrote when he signed the National Congress honor book.

Instead of give his first presidential speech as president at the congress, Milei prefered do it on the steps of the national capitol. 

"Unfortunately I have to say it again: there is no money. The conclusion is that there is no alternative to adjustment and no alternative to shock": Said Milei in his first presidential speech, and also warned to the argentinians that ''worst'' months are coming before the radical change he promised them.

To the creed of investiture attended by well-known figures of the global ultra-right winger policy as Brazilian ex-president Jair Bolsonaro, Ukranian president Vladimir Zelenski, On the other hand also attended other presidents, both of the region and Europeans as the Armenian president Vahagn Khachaturian, Chilean Gabriel Boric, King Philip VI of Spain, he Paraguayan Santiago Peña, the Uruguayan Luis Lacalle, the Ecuadorian Daniel Noboa, Viktor Orban (Hungary).

According to the Argentine newspaper Página 12, the presidential spokesman, Manuel Adorni, said on Sunday that on Monday at "very first hour" the government will give a press conference to announce the first management measures.

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