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António Guterres: The UN Security Council it is Paralyzed

  • 'I can promise I will not give up' on demand for a humanitarian cease-fire.

    'I can promise I will not give up' on demand for a humanitarian cease-fire. | Photo: X/@AmbAlyaAlThani

Published 10 December 2023

Guterres warned of the "serious risk'' of the humanitarian system collapsing in Gaza.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, said on Sunday during his speech at the Doha Debates Forum, Qatar, which regrets that the UN Security Council has not approved a ceasefire for the Gaza Strip, and attributes this failure to the divisions that have paralysed the world body.


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In his speech, the Secretary-General, Guterres, said that the council was paralysed by geostrategic divisions that were undermining solutions to the current Israeli aggression against Gaza, and called for a Security Council reform.

"The authority and credibility of the Security Council were seriously compromised" by its late response to the conflict, a detriment to its aggravated reputation, according to him, by the veto brought on Friday by the United States to a resolution to request a ceasefire in Gaza.

"I have reiterated my call to declare a humanitarian ceasefire, unfortunately the Security Council failed to do so," he said. " I can promise I won’t give it up," he added.

Guterres also warned of the "serious risk of the humanitarian system collapsing". " The situation is rapidly evolving into a catastrophe" which could have "irreversible consequences for the Palestinians as a whole and for peace and security in the region," he said.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Prime Minister of Qatar, announced Sunday that mediation efforts to secure a new ceasefire in Gaza are continuing despite Israeli bombings that are "narrowing the window" for a successful outcome.

"Our efforts as a State of Qatar, together with our partners, continue. We will not give up," he said, now Qatar is a key mediator in the negotiations that succeeded in establishing a seven-day truce, in which dozens of hostages taken by Hamas in Israel were released in exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

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