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Alleged Terrorist Video Emerges Explaining Paris Attacks

  • Amedy Coulibaly speaking in a video recorded before the attacks.

    Amedy Coulibaly speaking in a video recorded before the attacks. | Photo: AFP

Published 11 January 2015

The video shows the kosher market attacker explaining the plot against Charlie Hebdo offices and subsequent events.​

A new video emerged Sunday showing the man responsible for taking over a Parisian kosher supermarket Friday and killing four hostages.

Amedy Coulibaly, killed during the police raid of the supermarket, appears calm in the video recorded before the attacks, speaking about the coordination that he had with the Kouachi brothers, responsible for storming the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, killing 10 people Wednesday.

“The brothers of our team divided into two, they attacked Charlie Hebdo, while I went out against the police (…) we acted together and sometimes separately so it would have more of an impact,” he says in the video, in which he claims his responsibility behind the killing of a police woman shortly after the attack on the offices of the satirical magazine.

Previous reports attributed responsibility for the killing of the police woman to Coulibaly's girlfriend, allegedly accomplice to the attack.

Furthermore, Coulibaly revealed he had helped the brothers finance the attacks.

“I helped him (one of the Koubachi brothers) with this project by donating a few thousand euros so he could buy what he needed to,” he adds.

The video also confirms suspicions about mayor terrorist groups being behind the attacks. Although some sources hinted the attackers were acting as an Al-Qaeda cell in the country, the video shows the man admitting his sympathy for the Islamic State group.

“I pledged allegiance to the Caliphate as soon as the caliphate was declared,” says Coulibaly in the video, as he speaks with an Islamic State flag in the background.

The man also justifies the deadly attacks by referring to the U.S.-led bombing campaign against Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, which France is participating.

France and Turkey are now searching for Coulibaly's girlfriend, Hayat Boumeddiene, who is believed to have escaped to Syria through Turkey.

French investigators revealed Friday that Boumeddiene, Coulibaly and the Koubachi brothers had spoken by phone on more than 500 occasions. 

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