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'A New Era for Argentina Is Coming': Cristina Fernandez

  • “They promised zero poverty and they leave with a food emergency,” CFK denounced Saturday at the University of La Matanza in Buenos Aires.

    “They promised zero poverty and they leave with a food emergency,” CFK denounced Saturday at the University of La Matanza in Buenos Aires. | Photo: @CFKArgentina

Published 22 September 2019

Vice-presidential candidate Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner acknowledged the complex situation that Argentina is facing but shared her hope on how the new government would address it. 

Argentinian former president and vice-presidential candidate Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner presented her book 'Sinceramente' (Sincerely) at the National University of La Matanza in Buenos Aires Saturday before 140,000 people,  where she expressed her hope for a "new era" for the nation, while acknowledging the challenge that this represents.


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During the presentation of her bestseller publication, the former president evoked her late husband Nestor Kirchner and addressed the role of media in the "demonization" campaign against “Kirchnerismo,” as the political movement, led by her husband and her, is known.

“Ours were 12 years of great progress. We had problems but I consider indebtedness and impoverishment unacceptable. I think it's unfair after so much sacrifice,” CFK said referring to her husband's and her administrations (2003 - 2015).

The current vice-presidential candidate for the progressive 'Front For All' (Frente de Todos) said that now the main focus of the most privileged sectors of society, mostly those who benefited from the International Monetary Fund's disbursements, should be the people that can barely survive, adding that is the next stage to prioritize in the future. 

CFK made it clear too that it's not fair that all citizens should pay the debt in the same manner and stated that in case of winning the October election, that the settlement of the external debt of Argentina will be one the main tasks of the government.

Thank you La Matanza for the great love you always give me. You know that it is mutual. Yesterday we experienced an unforgettable afternoon.

“They promised zero poverty and they leave with a food emergency,” the current Senator denounced while criticizing President Mauricio Macri's administration as a period of fretting institutions. But suggested that with her presidential ticket, Alberto Fernandez, there is "faith in a political construction. Alberto has the skill to dialogue, but I want the sectors that can still eat, travel, and live comfortably, pay attention to those who can't.”

While referring to the crisis, Fernandez de Kirchner reiterated that it is the result of several decisions made throughout the years not just “the inability of a president,” adding that in the new government they “are going to discuss how to stabilize the economy because everything they [Macri] said failed. It wasn't right what they said about inflation. Neither that high rates would bring major investments.”

This presentation was part of a book tour that will also take her to Salta, Santa Cruz, and La Pampa to participate in the Loyalty Day event on Oct.17. 'Sincerely' is a memoir published this year and written by CFK, in which the politician reminisces on her presidency (2007 - 2015). The book has become a global phenomenon and as a bestseller has broken sales records nationally and internationally. 

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