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'2022 Was A Year Of Fulfilled Goals,' President Maduro Says

  • President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela.

    President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela. | Photo: Twitter/ @YerlinAntillano

Published 12 January 2023

The Bolivarian leader will present a balance sheet of his management in 2022 before the Venezuelan parliament. 

On Thursday, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro will present to the National Assembly (AN) a balance sheet of his management in 2022, which he stressed was a year of fulfilled goals for the Bolivarian revolution.


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"Preparing to present the 2022 balance sheet before the National Assembly and the Venezuelan people. A year of accomplished goals, unmatched effort, resistance, and positive results, a product of collective work," Maduro tweeted.

He will appear before the Parliament in compliance with the Venezuelan constitution, which establishes that the President must submit the balance sheet no later than January 15.

Maduro will explain his political and economic decisions, especially those that have been most successful such as the resumption of diplomatic relations with various countries and new investments for oil development.

On Dec. 31, 2022, during a message to the Venezuelan people, the President stressed that last year was of "national renaissance" thanks to the economic growth achieved during it.

"By overcoming the 927 economic sanctions, imposed by the U.S. and backed by the far-right Venezuelan opposition, the Bolivarian people, together with its leaders, managed to reactivate national production," he said.

Maduro also highlighted other achievements accomplished by his administration, like the wealth sources diversification, the return to face-to-face lessons in schools, the optimization of national public services, and the construction of over four million dwellings.

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