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€18 Million In Humanitarian Aid for Algeria, Egypt and Libya

  • Humanitarian funding has been allocated to support North African countries. Feb. 15, 2022.

    Humanitarian funding has been allocated to support North African countries. Feb. 15, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Alawikedir

Published 15 February 2022

The European Commission announced its humanitarian funding for North Africa for 2022. €18 million have been allocated in Algeria, Egypt and Lybia. 

The funding is intended to support some of the most vulnerable people in these regions.


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Janez Lenarčič, Commissioner for Crisis Management, stated that the European Union would offer support to those in need in such regions where conflicts,  instability and displacement have left many people in disgrace. 

The aim is to guarantee their access to healthcare, education and other basic needs, especially in the challenging context of a global pandemic.

€9 million will be allocated in Algeria, €5 million in Egypt, and €4 million in Libya. 

 Algeria's crisis of Sahrawi refugees is one of the severe issues that such funding pretends to ease. The funds will help them access food nutrition and improve access to safe water, primary healthcare, and education.

In Egypt, for its part, the funds will help the most vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers abandoned in the poorest neighborhoods of urban centers. Safe and sustainable access to quality education, protection services and basic needs is the desired state to reach with the allocation of the funds.

On the other hand, in Libya, the funds will help cover humanitarian needs in the health and education spheres and guarantee protection for those most in need in urban centers and not easily accessible locations.

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