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328 Killed in Bangladesh Road Crashes During Eid Festival Rush

  • Car crashed in road accident. May. 3, 2023.

    Car crashed in road accident. May. 3, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@telugustop

Published 3 May 2023

"...a concerning total of 165 motorcycle accidents..."

According to a report published on Tuesday, the Muslim Eid al-Fitr festival rush in Bangladesh between April 15 and April 29 resulted in a considerable number of road accidents. In total, 304 accidents occurred, with 328 individuals losing their lives and 565 others sustaining injuries.


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As per the report presented by the Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity, an association dedicated to the welfare of passengers, the majority of the mishaps were attributed to the utilization of motorcycles.

Specifically, a concerning total of 165 motorcycle accidents resulted in the loss of 167 individuals, alongside 120 injuries.

The collection of data by the organization was reportedly derived from a variety of sources, including reports published in national newspapers, online news portals and electronic media outlets within the geographical boundaries of Bangladesh.

On Tuesday, Mozammel Hoque Chowdhury, the Secretary General of the organization, divulged the details during a press briefing held in Dhaka, the capital city of the country.`

According to the individual's statement, the incidence of road crashes and consequent fatalities during the Eid holiday period exhibited a decrease of 18.2 percent and 21.1 percent, respectively, when compared to the figures recorded in the previous year's Eid surge.

As per the report, the state of the nation's roads and highways exhibited a measurable improvement relative to previous years during the recent Eid rush, owing to the sustained development initiatives undertaken by the government.

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