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Palestine condemns the US veto of Algeria's resolution for Gaza

  • United Nations Security Council

    United Nations Security Council | Photo: X/ @UN

Published 20 February 2024

United States still refuse to stop the genocide against Palestinan People

The Palestinian Presidency strongly condemns the United States veto of Algeria's request for an immediate truce in the Gaza Strip at the Security Council of the United Nations.


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According to the presidency, the United States' decision defies the desire of the international community, also the northern nation's insistence on not recognizing the genocide against the Palestinians it´s a worrying fact.

This sad fact only gives Israel the green light to continue its occupation and continue the bloodbath in the region.

The Palestinian government expresses that Washington's attitude only makes it even more culpable for the deaths of Palestinian children and women at the hands of the occupation forces.

The presidency reiterates that the massacres that occurred in Gaza and Jerusalem are war crimes and that the United States is also complicit in the crime, by allowing them and doing nothing to stop them.

Palestine thanks the nations of the security council for their attempts to achieve a truce and ceasefire.

At the same time, it calls for raising awareness in powerful nations to seek a solution to the genocide and thus the construction of peace.

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