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Uruguay: Educators Protest Against President Lacalle's Bill

  • High-school teachers protesting in Montevideo, Uruguay, March 12, 2020.

    High-school teachers protesting in Montevideo, Uruguay, March 12, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @LiberarceUY

Published 13 March 2020

The government tries to discredit the discontent against privatization by blaming the Left.

Uruguay's Secondary School Teachers Federation (Fenapes) Thursday began a 24-hour strike in Montevideo to protest against President Luis Lacalle Pou's bill, which seeks to centralize and privatize education in the country.


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Education Minister Pablo da Silveira explained that the bill would reformulate the educative system’s structure and its different bodies.

In an interview with local news media, he tried to minimize the protests’ impact by alleging that it only happened in a few schools. 

Da Silveira also affirmed that the National Public Education Administration in Uruguay stills under the management of the leftist Broad Front (FA) party. According to the minister, the FA leaders should be accountable for the protests' results and development. 

"The authorities still haven't changed. They are the same ones who were with the Broad Front. They are the ones who have to handle this situation," he said. ​​​​​​

Fenape's members affirm that the law’s content is unspecific, which provokes evident legal pitfalls, and announced another 24-hour strike on March 16.

On that day, the Parliament will receive the bill for its discussion and approval within a 30-day period.

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