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President Luis Arce Travels to Brazil for Medical Check-up

  • President Luis Arce on board a flight to Brazil for a routine medical appointment. December 13, 2020.

    President Luis Arce on board a flight to Brazil for a routine medical appointment. December 13, 2020. | Photo: Twitter / @LuchoXBolivia

Published 13 December 2020

Arce defeated kidney cancer in 2017 while he served as Minister of Economy under then President Evo Morales.

Bolivian President Luis Arce departed on Sunday morning to Brazil for a routine appointment, temporarily leaving the presidency in the hands of Vice President David Choquehuanca until Tuesday.


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"Today, I am absent from Bolivia until Tuesday, December 15, to carry out my routine health check-up. I thank the Bolivian people for the love and well wishes that they have sent me," Arce tweeted.

Before Arce's trip to Brazil, the first transmission of command was made to the Vice President, who will govern the country until December 15.

Luis Arce, who was Economy Minister at the time, detected cancer in 2017.  After receiving intense treatment in Brazil, he overcame the disease and has since maintained routine health checks with specialized studies.

The Head of State traveled on a Boliviana de Aviación (BoA) commercial flight.

“The president is going to be absent for a control exam, on a disease that he had previously but which has already been overcome. This means his absence until Monday at the end of the day,” said spokesman Jorge Richter.

The public official added that once the disease is over, it is necessary for the head of state to carry out these examinations annually, to verify that everything is under the parameters established by the doctors.

Regarding possible criticism from the opposition for not having been treated in Bolivia, Richter pointed out that ideological differences should not be confused with a health problem and recalled that his medical record and the treatment to overcome his health problem was abroad.

For his part, Choquehuanca sent a message of support to President Luis Arce on Sunday, "Have a good trip, Brother President Lucho Arce, may all the positive energies be with you, we will be together with our people pending your return. Jallalla!"

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