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Peru: Protest Interrupts President's Visit To COVID-19 Hospital

  • Martin Vizcarra during a conference on COVID-19 in Lima, Peru, April 30, 2020.

    Martin Vizcarra during a conference on COVID-19 in Lima, Peru, April 30, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 19 July 2020

Demonstrators slammed on Government’s pandemic handling.

A protest conducted by doctors and patients Sunday interrupted a Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra’s visit to a hospital in the southern city of Arequipa.


Peruvian Amazon Indigenous People Threatened By COVID-19

Demonstrators gathered in front of Honorio Delgado Hospital welcomed the president with disapproving chants, such as “Vizcarra, enough with the lies!”

Honorio Delgado Is the hospital designated to take care of COVID patients in Arequipa.

As reported, Vizcarra even tried to calm down the demonstrators and had some words with the doctors on their claims regarding lack of protective equipment, personnel, and others.

“President Martin Vizcarra hands over the temporary hospital installed in the Cerro Juli Convention Center for patients with COVID-19.”

Arequipa Governor Elmer Llica was also targeted by the demonstrators, who labeled him as an incompetent person over his pandemic handling in the region.

A nurse denounced the fact that emergency wing’s patients were hidden so that the president doesn't find out about their plight.

Nevertheless, Vizcarra never got into the hospital. Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti, who was part of the entourage, took over the visit.

Arequipa is one of the most affected regions by the disease, with more than ten thousand positive cases.

As of today, Peru’s contagion toll is 353,590 positive cases, with 13,187 deaths.

241,955 patients have been reported as recovered.

With these figures, the South American country is one of the most affected in the region.

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