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Peru's Interim President Manuel Merino Resigns

  • Manuel Merino resigns following police repression of mass protests. November 15, 2020.

    Manuel Merino resigns following police repression of mass protests. November 15, 2020. | Photo: RTV - La República

Published 15 November 2020

Hundreds of people have been injured, some 40 missing and two were killed during the protests.

The President of Peru, Manuel Merino, presented his resignation this Sunday, after Congress asked him to resign immediately in the framework of the demonstrations against the unstable political situation in the South American country.


Peru's Top Prosecutor to Investigate Deaths of Two Protesters

In a nationally televised message, Merino, who replaced the dismissed Martín Vizcarra, said that he respects the country's political system and hopes that the situation in the nation will normalize for the good of the country.

“I want to let the whole country know that I am submitting my irrevocable resignation as President of the Republic. And I invoke peace and unity for all Peruvians,” he said.

On Tuesday, Merino assumed the presidency of the Republic after the removal of Vizcarra. The following day, he appointed Ántero Flores Aráoz as his Prime Minister, and on Thursday he took the oath of office to the Ministerial Cabinet.

The resignation comes after Congress met on Sunday morning to seek a way out of the days of protests that are spreading across the country. The conflict between the powers of the state reached its climax when a motion of censure was issued against former president Vizcarra, which led Merino to the presidency.

This triggered demonstrations in several cities, which have been repressed by the police with the use of anti-riot tactics that have injured hundreds. This Saturday the death of two young people, shot by police, was confirmed.

Likewise, the Ombudsman's Office denounces that at least 40 people have been reported as missing. The Police claimed that they are arrested citizens, but have not granted access to their facilities to verify there whereabouts.

It’s within this context that the president of Congress, Valdez Farías, asked that the interim president resign from his position, given the popular demand and also his ineffectiveness so far to resolve the most pressing contradictions keeping Peruvians on the streets.

In fact, before the resignation it was unknown where Merino was, who had not made any pronouncement following the killings of the two young men.

"I ask Mr. Merino, evaluating these latest facts, to evaluate his immediate resignation," Valdez told a local television station. "You cannot go against the will of the population, especially when we have seen these marches, protests and that it has not been possible to sustain within a situation of peace," he added.

After confirming the death of the two protesters in Lima, a total of 13 members of the newly appointed Cabinet submitted their formal resignation. The heads of Interior, Agriculture, Health, Women, Justice, Economy, Development and Social Inclusion, Culture, Defense, Foreign Trade, Energy and Mines, Housing and Education, reported in the last 24 hours their decision to immediately abandon the Executive.


Manuel Merino
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