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Daniel Ortega Defends teleSUR After Juan Guaido's Threats

  • Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega poses for picture in front of his country's flag

    Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega poses for picture in front of his country's flag | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Published 14 January 2020

"The voice of the people cannot be silenced," Ortega said in his letter addressed to the President of teleSUR, Patricia Villegas. 

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega addressed a letter on Tuesday to the President of teleSUR, Patricia Villegas, in which he expressed his complete solidarity with the news network in the face of growing threats from the self-proclaimed 'president' of Venezuela Juan Guaido. 

"The voice of the people cannot be silenced. They have not been able to. Nor can they. Today more than ever, our voices multiply and move forward.

In the face of all imperial threats, we rise with life and hope. Let's win!

TELESUR, Word and Work of the Eternal Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, amplifies our powerful fight, our miracles, our reasons.

In all colors and with love of an intense spiritual force, we affirm: Down chains! Glory to the Brave People! We advance to the Revolution!"

President Ortega's powerful message was sent in response to Guaido's threats to plunder teleSUR's signal and replace it with something favorable to his liking. 

Guaido, who has repeatedly failed to overthrow the legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro, has reached desperation mode after much of his support base abandoned. 

The self-proclamed president has received heavy criticism among his own supporters on social media, as many have questioned why he is wasting resources on silencing a news network, rather than furthering his coup attempts. 

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