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Brazil To Host the COP30 Climate Summit in 2025

  • Outer limits of the city of Belem do Para, Brazil, 2023.

    Outer limits of the city of Belem do Para, Brazil, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @ONUNews

Published 26 May 2023

President Lula wants everyone to know how the Amazonian rivers, jungles, and fauna are like.

On Friday, Brazilian President Lula da Silva announced that the United Nations confirmed Brazil as the host of the COP30 Climate Summit to be held in 2025.


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He also mentioned that COP30 will take place in Belem do Para, a city near the mouth of the Amazon River into the Atlantic Ocean, and considered the confirmation received from the United Nations as "extraordinary news" for the country.

“I already participated in a COP in Egypt and in another in Copenhagen. In all of them, the attendees talked about the Amazon but without ever having been there," Lula said.

"I always thought: why not hold a COP in the Amazon so that everyone gets to know the Amazon and see what the Amazonian rivers, jungles and fauna are like," he added.

Brazil had been chosen by the United Nations as the host of the COP25 in 2019, but the far-right President Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2023), who assumed the presidency that same year, declined to take charge of organizing the event, which was ultimately held in Spain.

During his administration, the former Capitan promoted aggressive development policies in the Amazon and dismantled all environmental oversight agencies, which Lula has begun to strengthen again since taking office in January.

Furthermore, Lula has resumed programs to protect the Amazon and combat the climate crisis that existed before Bolsonaro came to power. Lula reinforced the Environment Ministry and created a new ministry specifically focused on indigenous peoples.


Lula da Silva
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