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New Arrival of Cuban Doctors & Health Professionals in Venezuela

  • Cuban medical professionals arrive in Venezuela. September 10, 2020.

    Cuban medical professionals arrive in Venezuela. September 10, 2020. | Photo: Twitter / @lpradarias

Published 12 September 2020

The Head of the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela stressed that they are bearers of the principles of solidarity instilled by Commander Fidel Castro.

Venezuela has welcomed another 93 Cuban doctors this week, who’ll collaborate with health authorities to combat COVID-19.


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Vice Minister for the Ministry of Health, Gerardo Briceño, reported that the newly arrived medical professionals would be joining teams around the country.

“93 comrades from the Cuban Medical Brigade, from the Henry Reeve Brigade, are coming to join six important Brigades in the Center, East and West of the country, to strengthen the work teams in attention to the Venezuelan people, just as 100 community doctors arrive to continue the work of the house to house visits,” he indicated.

The Vice Minister, on behalf of the National Government, welcomed the Cuban doctors upon their Thursday arrival, highlighting that Venezuela has two open battle fronts, one against imperialism and its economic siege against Venezuela and the coronavirus pandemic.

“This pandemic has taught the world that the only way to overcome this is solidarity among brothers; it is the work of the peoples; it is the united work of medical personnel, communities and an entire society, not just a country, but from many countries,” he said.

The Head of the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela (Mmcv), Dr. Reinol Delfín García Moreiro, announced that there will be a Brigade in the Metropolitan axis that will serve the states of La Guaira, Capital District and Miranda; one in the state of Zulia, another in Lara and one in Carabobo, Anzoátegui and Bolívar.

These brigades are made up of clinical doctors, intensivists, anesthetists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, intensivist nurses and epidemiologists.

Dr. García Moreirov welcomed the contingent of doctors, while reminding them that they constitute a valuable and important reinforcement to the brave force of more than 22,000 Cuban collaborators currently working in the country, stressing that they are all bearers of the principles and values ​​of solidarity and brotherhood, instilled by Commander Fidel Castro.

"You are consistent examples of those dreams of Chávez, of Fidel, but also those of Bolívar and Martí at the time, of closeness, unity and mutual help among our peoples," he said.

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