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A Christmas Miracle? UK Johnson Offers To Get Brexit Done Before Holiday

  • Despite being ahead in the polls, Johnson needs to keep his promise of a clear exit from the EU.

    Despite being ahead in the polls, Johnson needs to keep his promise of a clear exit from the EU. | Photo: Reuters

Published 24 November 2019

Just a few days from December 12 election, PM Johnson has come up with a manifesto named“Get Brexit Done, Unleash Britain’s Potential”.

The ongoing Brexit story lived another “get Brexit done” chapter after Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised Sunday to bring his deal to leave the European Union back to parliament before Christmas.


Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage Will Not Run In UK Election

As the Dec.12 election looms closer, the Conservatives have come up with a manifesto named “Get Brexit Done, Unleash Britain’s Potential” that includes more public sector spending and no further extensions to the extended departure from the EU.

“Get Brexit done and we shall see a pent up tidal wave of investment into this country,” the prime minister said, launching the manifesto in the central English town of Telford.

“Get Brexit done and we can focus our hearts and our minds on the priorities of the British people,” he added.

Even with a considerable advantage in the polls, Johnson needs to keep his promises of a successful exit from the EU. This time, a victory in December’s election would put the right conditions to bring the deal back to parliament, as he said, before Christmas.

Another conservative promise, contrasting the Labour Party project, is the no new tax policy.  However, the manifesto offered by the premier's party was criticized for a lack of detail on other policy areas like social care plans.

Even when Johnson said his pledges are targeting those who are less well off, the Labour Party has spoken about the PM’s plan as one “for billionaires. They bought it and you’ll pay for it."

The Labour Party has portrayed Johnson as being in the pockets of billionaires, especially now, that they are launching another spending commitment, promising to compensate more than three million women who lost years of state pension payments when their retirement age was raised.

The British PM promises of a 23.5 billion pounds of tax cuts and higher spending, including on the National Health Service are quiet below the Labour's 83 billion-pound planned spending increase. Although it seems Johnson’s advantage in the polls is becoming quite definitive.

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