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Ecuador: Guadalupe Llori Is Elected President of the Parliament

  • Guadalupe Llori new President of the National Assembly of Ecuador, May 15, 2021

    Guadalupe Llori new President of the National Assembly of Ecuador, May 15, 2021 | Photo: Twitter/ @AsambleaEcuador

Published 15 May 2021

The election of the member of the Pachakutik Party comes after the breakup of a legislative alliance between the Social Christian Party and elected President Guillermo Lasso's Creating Opportunities Movement.

On Saturday Afternoon, Ecuador's National Assembly elected Pachakutik's Member of Parliament Guadalupe Llori as its President for the next two years.


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With 71 votes in favor, Ecuador's National Assembly approved the proposal of Pachakutik legislator Mario Ruiz. The day was tense due to protests of several Creating Opportunities Movement (CREO) Congressmen, who are worry due to the election of someone representing a political party they don't want to colaborate with.

After the first vote, CREO MP Juan F. Flores asked for a reconsideration of the vote. The motion did not proceed, making official the election of Llori's Presidency.

Yesterday, 4 different proposals were voted without success. The most controversial one was the nomination of Social Christian Party (PSC) legislator Henry Kronfle, in which the twelve CREO Congressmen abstained.

The abstention caused the breakup of the alliance between PSC and the CREO.

Previously, Lasso proposed a legislative alliance with Arauz's Union for Hope (UNES) and PSC aimed to ease the legislative management of his government and to pass Ecuador's most urgent legislative projects.

The agreement included the support of PSC Congressman Henry Kronfle's candidacy for the presidency of the National Assembly, but the twelve CREO legislators did not fulfill their promises.

"Today, they have shown their word and signature are worthless. We cannot continue allied with those who proceed in this way, we do have a word and signature that we honor," stated the PSC. 

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