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Iran Accuses Israel of Killing Nuclear Scientist

  • Archive: Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei.

    Archive: Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei. | Photo: Twitter / @khamenei_ir

Published 28 November 2020

Supreme Leader Ali Khameneí has ordered Iranian authorities to punish the perpetrators for Fajrizadeh’s murder.

Iranian President Hasan Rohani has accused Israel of being behind the assassination of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fajrizadeh, considered to be the director of the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, and has denounced that his death was the result of an "act of terrorism.”


Iran's Nuclear Program Director Killed in Terrorist Attack

In a statement, the Iranian president indicated "once again, the evil hands of global arrogance, with the usurping Zionist regime as a mercenary, were stained with the blood of a son of this nation." In the text published on Rohani's official website, the president indicated that "the assassination of the martyr (Mohsen) Fajrizadeh shows the despair of our enemies and the depth of their hatred ... His martyrdom will not stop our achievements."

In another statement, the Iranian Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, on Saturday ordered the country's authorities to punish the material and intellectual perpetrators of the murder of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fajrizadeh, of which Iran accuses Israel and the United States.

On his official website, Khameneí informed the various organs of power in the country that there are "two important issues that must be put on the agenda."

"First, the investigation of this crime, and the definitive punishment of its perpetrators and those who ordered it; and second, the monitoring of the martyr's scientific and technical efforts in all the areas in which he performed," he said.

Hours later, Rohani warned of a plot hatched by Israel to incite chaos in the region, and promised that Tehran would respond in due course to the assassination of its prominent nuclear scientist.

“Our people are wiser than falling into the trap of the Zionist conspiracy. They are thinking of creating chaos and riots, but they must know that we have already read their hands and that they will not achieve their evil goals, "Rohani told a cabinet meeting on Saturday.

Fajrizadeh, a physics professor at Imam Hussein University, headed the Defense Research and Innovation Organization of the Iranian Ministry of Defense.

The President stressed that "the Iranian nation and the country's officials are more courageous than to leave this criminal act unanswered, and that the relevant officials will respond to the crime in a timely manner."

"Both the Zionist regime and those who are against Iran should know that the path of development and research in the country will continue rapidly and that with the loss of our beloved Fajrizadeh, many Fajrizadehs will strive to make up for their absence," he added.

The European Union considers it a "criminal act", but asks "all parties" to avoid escalation. Israel has put all its embassies on alert to the announcement of retaliation by Iran.

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