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Venezuela To Face Colombia In 2023 Caribbean Series Semifinals

  • Members of the Venezuelan team in Caribbean Baseball Series, Caracas, Venezuela, February 2023.

    Members of the Venezuelan team in Caribbean Baseball Series, Caracas, Venezuela, February 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @DarvinsonRojas

Published 9 February 2023

The teams from Mexico and the Dominican Republic will also play against each other at this stage of the tournament. 

On Thursday, the 2023 Caribbean Baseball Series technical director Carlos Bauza announced that Venezuela will face Colombia in La Guaria stadium at 14:30, and the Dominican Republic team will play against that the Mexican team in the Simon Bolivar stadium at 18:20 as part of the tournament's semifinals.


Mexico Qualifies For 2023 Caribbean Baseball Series Semifinals

Hosted this year by Venezuela, the Caribbean Series games are organized by a tiebreaker principle: the teams play all against all in the first seven days, and the four teams that get more scores qualify for the semifinals.

"We worked hard to make these achievements. We only have two games remain," said Venezuelan team manager Jose Alguacil after his team defeated Colombia 7-4 in the Simon Bolivar stadium and qualified for the semifinals. 

After beating Curaçao (2-5) on Wednesday, the Dominican team qualified for the semifinals alongside Mexico and Colombia, both of which had secured in advance a presence at this stage of the tournament.

On Wednesday, Puerto Rico beat Mexico (9-3) but did not score enough to qualify for the semifinals. That same day, Panama (10-4) defeated Cuba, but none of these teams could either ensure their continuity in the tournament.

According to the Caribbean Series rules, in the semifinals, the first team on the leaderboard (Mexico) faces the team in fourth place (Dominican Republic), and the team in second place (Venezuela) competes against the team in third position (Colombia).

The winners of these games compete for first and second place, and the losers face each other to obtain third place. If two of the finalist teams are tied in the last ranking, the winner will be the team that won the match against the other..


Jose Alguacil
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