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G20 Calls on Israel to Immediately Stop Attacks in Rafah

  • Refugee camp destroyed by Israeli aircraft. Feb. 22, 2024.

    Refugee camp destroyed by Israeli aircraft. Feb. 22, 2024. | Photo: EFE

Published 22 February 2024

All G20 countries are against Israel's violence. 

Foreign ministers from 20 countries end their meeting by asking Israel to immediately stop attacks on the southern city of Rafah.


Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, and Jordan Reject Violence in Gaza

According to Brazilian diplomat Mauro Vieira, many countries have united and are against the Israeli operation in Rafah, for this reason they ask that all armed action in the area be suspended.

The Israeli government increased bombing in this border area with Egypt. Millions of Palestinians are escaping from Gaza to Rafah in search of refuge.

The justification for the operation is the release of the Hebrews kidnapped by Hamas in the city. The kidnapped soldiers must be released before Ramadan next March.

G20 nations are also calling for access to humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people and fear that the effects of conflicts in other nations will evolve into a global war.

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