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Bolivia’s FM Mayta: Let’s Rethink Dialogue in the Continent

  • Bolivia's Chancellor Rogelio Mayta

    Bolivia's Chancellor Rogelio Mayta | Photo: ABI

Published 9 June 2022

In dialogue with teleSUR, the Bolivian FM demanded a new way to approach the discussion in the Americas concerning countries. 

The Chancellor of Bolivia, Rogelio Mayta, states that we must rethink the dialogue between the countries of the continent and that these times of change in the world lead us to a dialogue based on self-determination.

 Argentina’s President Regrets Exclusion of Countries at Summit

Speaking exclusively to teleSUR, Bolivia's Chancellor spoke of the need to rethink relations in the continent and that in order to achieve that he said that "Our message here is that we need to rethink the dialogue in our continent is the conversation between the countries in this hemisphere in this land of ours. Unfortunately, we come from an institutional construction that has been very much tailored to the superpower that we have as a neighbor."

Expanding on the idea of respect and dialogue Mayta said, "We have to have dialogues and we have to maintain relations, yes. Still, they have to be based on principles that, unfortunately, have not respected the self-determination of the peoples on the one hand and on the other hand, the possibility that in this dialogue, there are conveniences because we have to try to build formulas in which we all win, not pretending that all of America is for one country."

The IX Summit of the Americas, which kicked off on Monday in Los Angeles with the aim of sealing a regional migration pact, is marked by the decision of the host country not to invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, as they are not considered democratic.

In protest, the presidents of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Bolivia, Luis Arce, and Honduras, Xiomara Castro, cancelled their participation, while others, such as Fernández and the prime minister of Belize, John Briceño, decided to take their complaints to the plenary session.

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