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Cuba Pays Tribute To Fidel Castro Three Years After His Passing

  • Cubans will never forget the legacy and strong leadership of Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro

    Cubans will never forget the legacy and strong leadership of Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro | Photo: teleSUR.net

Published 25 November 2019

The Cuban people reiterated their love for the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

The Cuban people paid tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, three years after his death, in a display of commemorative acts that exalted the legacy of Cuba’s eternal Commander in Chief.


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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel published in his official Twitter account a letter that highlighted the force of the political leader, who according to him, led a frontal fight against imperialism and the world’s injustice.

"How to remember Fidel? Assuming his legacy as our own, confronting imperialism with courage and firmness, working and thinking for and for the people, fighting for a better world to be possible," he said.

While Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodriguez recalled Fidel Castro's feat and his work on behalf of the Cuban people and their fundamental rights.

Different presidents, political representatives, personalities of the art world and social leaders around the globe transmitted their respect to the supreme representative of the Cuban Revolution on this third anniversary of his decease.

"Never before our people had such sacred things to defend, nor such deep convictions to fight for." Fidel always present. Your legacy inspires all of Cuba.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro described Commander Castro as an example in the execution of the daily battles waged through the precepts of the revolution.

"Three years after the departure of our teacher and Eternal Commander, Fidel Castro, we remember his eternal light of teaching and dignity that accompanies our daily battles. Fidel will always be a solid example of greatness and revolutionary principles at the service of humanity," said Maduro.

After his death, Castro's remains traveled across the country to the city of Santiago de Cuba were his ashes were buried at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery. His grave stands next to a crypt that contains the remains of national hero Jose Marti.

It has become a place of pilgrimage for Cubans and foreigners, with some 1.8 million people who have paid their respect, including 270,000 foreigners from more than 80 countries.

Castro will always be remembered by the Cuban people as a strong charismatic and beloved leader, who spent his life fighting for people's rights. At a national and international level, Castro is seen as a man that never gave up on his country and never stopped believing that a better world is possible.

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