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Slovak PM Fico to Vote Against New Sanctions on Russia

  • Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

    Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. | Photo: X/ @ActualidadRT

Published 26 October 2023

"If these sanctions are going to harm us, I don't see the point in supporting them," stated Fico.

During the European Council meeting scheduled for Thursday, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico will vote against the new sanctions package on Russia unless he receives an assessment of how these sanctions will affect his country.


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"If these sanctions are going to harm us, I don't see the point in supporting them," stated Fico, who assumed office on Wednesday, thanks to a coalition of left and right-wing parties.

Regarding support for Ukraine, Fico unequivocally declared that Slovakia will not provide any military assistance. This decision means a departure from the previous center-right government's stance that offered support to President Volodymyr Zelensky.

"As the Prime Minister, I will back a zero military aid policy to Ukraine," said Fico, mirroring the policy of Hungarian President Viktor Orban, who aims to promptly halt the Ukrainian conflict.

"The European Union should shift from being an arms supplier to becoming a peace builder," emphasized the Slovak leader, who does not believe it's "realistic" to expect Russia to withdraw from Crimea and other eastern regions.

"It's naive to think that anyone can corner a nuclear power with conventional weapons," Fico stated, advocating for Europe to be "one of the primary architects of a plan for Ukraine" and not delegate that responsibility to third parties, such as the United States.


Robert Fico
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