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Colombia: 13 COVID-19 Cases at the Presidency's Headquarters

  • Casa Nariño, the government's headquarters, Bogota, Colombia. May 2020.

    Casa Nariño, the government's headquarters, Bogota, Colombia. May 2020. | Photo: Twitter/@RadNalCo

Published 29 May 2020

President Ivan Duque, his family, and closest collaborators have not been infected.

Colombia’s Administrative Department of the Presidency (DAPRE) Friday reported that 13 people who work at the government's headquarters tested positive to COVID-19.


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"On Wednesday, tests were conducted on the President of the Republic, his advisors, support team, as well as the people who make up the president's primary security team, all with negative results," Dapre informed.

From the infected management personnel, five Dapre members tested positive and the remaining eight are Presidency headquarters’ security staff. All of them remain in domiciliary isolation under medical assistance. ​​​​

DAPRE briefed the government would implement an 80 percent staff reduction, home working strategies, and biosecurity protocols during the pandemic.

"Commerce inequity, insecurity, and unhealthiness are allowed in  Bogotá's Seventh Avenue."

On May 20, the Colombian government confirmed the infection of a member of the Casa de Nariño security and 13 Presidential Guard Battalion’s soldiers.

Neither President Ivan Duque, his family, nor his close collaborators were tested, alleging they had no contact with those infected.

Several members of the Presidency's security personnel were tested as a precaution and to rule out a possible outbreak. 

Duque’s administration extended precautionary mandatory isolation until June 1, given pandemic uprising.

As of Friday morning, Colombia’s sanitary authorities reported 25,366 Covid-19 cases, 822 deaths, and 6,665 recoveries from the virus.



Ivan Duque
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