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Colombia Willing to Integrate a Peacekeeping Force in Palestine

  • Colombians display the Palestinian flag outside the El Campin stadium, May 14, 2024.

    Colombians display the Palestinian flag outside the El Campin stadium, May 14, 2024. | Photo: X/ @William_Garra

Published 16 May 2024

The Arab League proposes that the UN force remain in the occupied territories until the two-state solution is implemented.

On Thursday, President Gustavo Petro announced that Colombia is willing to integrate a United Nations peacekeeping force to be deployed in the occupied Palestinian territories.


Palestinians Mark 76th Anniversary of Nakba

"A UN peacekeeping force in Palestine. The Arab League has decided to support it and it should also be supported by Africa and Latin America. Colombia would be willing to integrate it and bring medical personnel to care for the wounded population," he said.

Earlier, during a meeting in Bahrain, the Arab League decided to call for a deployment of United Nations peacekeeping forces to the occupied Palestinian territories until the two-state solution is implemented.

The Arab countries also demand that a time limit be set for the political process and negotiations required to move towards the implementation of the two-states solution.

On Wednesday, the Irish Government confirmed that it will recognize Palestine as a State at the end of this month, in a decision shared with other countries such as Spain, Norway, Malta and Slovenia.

Deputy Prime Minister Micheal Martin is confident that the recognition of the Palestinian state will serve to improve the prospects for peace in the region.

"The specific day is not yet clear because we are still debating with other countries to jointly recognize the Palestinian state," added Martin, who is also the Foreign Minister.

"The two-state solution is the only way Israelis and Palestinians can live together in peace," he said, calling the Israeli ground offensive in Rafah "horrific."

He also urged the United States to reconsider the arms support that Washington offers to the Government of Tel Aviv.

"There is a broader context involving Iran, Israel and the geopolitical situation in general, but, in my opinion, I think a clear message needs to be sent to Israel," Martin added.


Gustavo Petro
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